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What Wine Experts Are Saying About Taszaerator®

“The most innovative wine-related invention in decades. Sure, one could say, ‘it’s just an aerator?’ Yet simply put, there is nothing like it on the market. The genius of the Taszaerator® is undeniable. It is inexpensive, re-usable, recyclable, and a size that makes it easy to carry in anything… to everywhere!”

- Robert Powell, Corks and Closures

“Taszerator® Pro is the great equalizer. Consumers can now soften young wines quickly and cost-effectively.”

- Quresh Sachee

“Taszaerator®Pro adds a new dimension to the wine industry. The ability by the consumer to aerate on-the-go is an explosive paradigm shift”

- Paul Mabray, Chief Executive Officer of Pixwine

“Simple,  Innovative & Functional. Raffaldini is proud to be the first nominated distributor of this revolutionary product.”

- Jay Raffaldini, Raffaldini Vineyards & Winery.