How It Works


The Science Behind Taszaerator®

The innovative Taszaerator®Pro gently aerates your wine as you pour. When wine is exposed to oxygen, it begins to release undesirable compounds, revealing the best aroma, depth, and texture your wine has to offer. By funneling the wine through three individual pathways, it significantly increases the surface area exposed to air. This process results in the wine revealing its hidden depth, texture, and the most delightful bouquet.

Technical Details


Taszaerator® is crafted with the purest materials. It is certified for use with alcoholic beverages. It is BPA-free and contains no other carcinogenic materials.

Improves Quality

Taszaerator® instantly softens tannins, reduces sulfites, and harsh, low-molecular-weight polyphenols (like tannins and catechins) with every pour, enhancing the flavor of your favorite wine.

Smoother Experience

Taszaerator® promotes the esterification of polyphenols (tannins and catechins) in wines, resulting in a more aromatic and smoother drinking experience.

Continuously Aerates

Taszaerator® continuously aerates wine within the bottle as you pour.


Eliminates drips for a mess-free pouring experience with multiple internal channels to ensure a smooth flow of wine into your glass. The Taszaerator® fits snugly into the necks of most wine bottles and remains securely in place.


A convenient lip on the top allows for easy removal to reuse or recycle. The rounded bottom of the Taszaerator® facilitates easy insertion into the bottle, ideal for use in restaurants, bars, homes, or even picnics.

From Concept to Bottle

Taszaerator® Development

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